‘Reinventing the Wheel’ is an architectural strategy for a new educational system based on programmatic flexibility. Whilst the professional market is constantly evolving in a more entrepreneurial direction, the traditionally one-dimensional teacher to student form of education is no longer relevant and needs to be reconsidered.


The project proposes to empower students with controlled autonomy. The school’s circular plan accommodates fixed learning and administrative spaces within its border. However, their boundaries are broken as their activities spill into and merge with the flexible central learning space. Here, students can choose their learning topic, method and location, collaborating with each other and under the visual supervision of the staff. The spaces in the central area can be divided, connected and adapted to the requirements of the activities that may take place.


The building consists of two floors, with various atria providing visual connectivity throughout the space. Its red-tinted concrete interior echoes the playful character of the school and is continued through to the exterior façade, making the building stand out from its context. With the building condensed into a footprint of 4000 squared metres, the remaining exterior space of the site becomes a private forest that contrasts with the monotony of the park, offering the students an opportunity to learn from and play within nature.